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About Yinglei

Yinglei has practiced Taiji for 38 years and has taught at Williams College, Bennington College, Saint Michael’s College, and Middlebury College. She was born in Sichuan China and came to United States in 1985. She has resided in Middlebury, VT since 1997. Yinglei holds a BA in Chinese language and literature, an advanced certificate in Chinese classical literature, and an MA in Education.

Yinglei offers traditional  24 form Taiji, Five Animals Exercise, The Eight-Body Movement and Eye exercise and Taiji sword.

The Tai Chi Five Animal Exercises are an ancient set of exercises based upon the movements of animals with forms, including: the Crane, which increases balance and agility; the Bear to develop power; the Monkey enhances flexibility; the Deer promotes grace; and the Tiger, which builds muscular strength, all in accordance with Tai Chi principles.

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