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Why Test Agencies? Mostly because finding a decent agency and getting good content out of them is a pain in the ass. There are major upsides to using agencies (e.g. theyre scalable, easy, and sometimes even cost effective), but, of course, there are plenty of downsides (mostly that its difficult to get truly great writing out. Jan 10, 2017. Its easy to get caught up with a job candidate, freelance writer or marketing agency that looks good on paper, but can they actually write?

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A copywriting agency is a business that provides writing and editing services to businesses and other organizations. Like individual copywriters, copywriting agencies may offer writing on a for-hire or per-project basis. Nov 19, 2013. By law, government agencies are supposed to communicate with the public in plain language, facilitating democracy with a clear, conversational tongue. But two years after the Plain Writing Act went into effect, some bureaucrats are still churning out prose that sends red pens flying and heads spinning.

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