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When applying for a new job it is important to make a good first impression. Most of the time the resume is that first impression. Resume paper will help enhance that first impression when a recruiter takes a look through a stack of resumes. Jun 23, 2014. BBC polled a number of experts to get the inside scoop on the value of a paper resume in a digital world. Shikha Arora, senior recruiter with SAP Asia, based in Singapore. Only in an interview. Early this year I received a courier package and found a resume in a nicely sealed envelope. Someone in this.

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Nov 1, 2001. Heavy rsum paper, elaborate design and other embellishments help job seekers stand out. For years, expensive rsum paper was required by any candidate wishing to be taken seriously--but this point is now moot since human resources prefer electronic submissions. We dont like to get paper of any. items. Southworth 100 Cotton Resume Paper, White, 8 12(W) x 11(L), 100Box. Item 168211 Model R14CF. (493). Add to Favorites. High-quality rsum paper for impressive first impressions White premium paper with wove finish for a distinctive look and feel 24 lb. for sturdier paper that commands attention. Using watermarked paper for resume.. online essay writing service - Frequently Asked Questions about Resume Paper Southworth Paper. Which way should the papers watermark face? Thoughts Digital. The watermark on Southworth paper is a sign of quality. Through the use of a special roller called a dandy. buy law.

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