Uwe Mester

Uwe (pronounced: Oo-vuh) took his first Feldenkrais® lesson in 1997 after recovering from lower back surgery. His pain symptoms immediately decreased, and Uwe developed a deeper interest in the Feldenkrais Method®. The Feldenkrais Method®, with its gentle, slow movement, helped him understand how his body is organized and that even small movements can have a big impact. In 2001, Uwe started a four-year training (800+ hours) in Germany with Dr. Chava Shelhav (Israel), one of the few remaining original students of Moshe Feldenkrais, the Method’s founder. Uwe has been a licensed Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2005, teaching both Awareness through Movement® (group classes) and Functional Integration® (individual classes). He also holds a Masters Degree in Education and Social work.

In 2008, Uwe moved with his family from Wiesbaden, Germany, to Charlotte, Vermont. Uwe has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method in Vermont since September 2009, and is very excited to offer Awareness trough Movement® classes at 2 Wolves . For further information on the Method and how it can help you reduce your movement-related effort, improve your yoga postures, and become pain-free, please visit Uwe’s website at www.vermontfeldenkrais.com

Uwe teaches Feldenkrais® Mondays 12pm-1pm. He is currently on Summer Leave and will return in September. However, you can stay tuned for upcoming workshops that will continue through the summer. Click here for our full schedule of classes and events.

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Here's a link to Uwe's personal website: http://www.feldenkraisvermont.com/

Testimonials about Uwe:

“…Not every complaint is amenable to the Feldenkrais method, of course, but because the method is inexpensive (it can be provided as group lessons) and very unlikely to cause complications the Feldenkrais method is a very attractive initial approach to functional disorders. As a surgeon, I’ve come to understand that not every physical complaint has a surgical solution. Further, the least invasive approach to a problem is almost always the best place to start looking for a cure, and on this count the Feldenkrais method is an excellent choice. Uwe Mester is one of a few Feldenkrais practitioners in Vermont. The playful attitude of exploration and discovery that Uwe brings to his practice belies his decade of work in Feldenkrais. He’s been an invaluable guide to many wishing to move more comfortably and more efficiently in their daily lives and athletic pursuits. " - Turner Osler, MD, FACS, MSc, Research Professor, Department of Surgery, UVM 

"I continue to be impressed and amazed with Uwe and the Feldenkrais Method. Every session is an experience in and of itself. I think that everyone would benefit immensely from working with Uwe. He really is a master of his craft." - Brady Holt, Director of Athletic Performance at UVM, Burlington

"My Yoga, overall balance and body awareness have improved dramatically since I've started attending Uwe's group sessions! I've made great improvement in my horsebackriding as well, which is very dependent on the ability to relax muscles and move only the body parts you choose to move. Thank you, Uwe !" - Jill Lyons, Occupational Therapist, Charlotte

"I have been taking Feldenkrais classes from Uwe for over one and a half years now and can honestly say it has been the most enjoyable body movement class I have ever experienced. I am still surprised when the gentle, thoughtful movements over an hour result in a noticeably straighter spine, removal of a kink in my neck, or an ability to twist around and see behind myself with much more ease.” - Sue Mahany, Thai Massage Therapist, Burlington