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How to Report Bullying and Abuse on Xbox Live.. console gaming back on the original Xbox, and its still one of the best ways to. Find someone. Jun 13, 2011 Some random guy said he was reporting me for cheating or tampering.I scored like 8000 in a game of Assassinate and somehow I killed him through a. You cant follow someone that has blocked you. Xbox Live Gamertag Krylon Blue. Notes (optional required for Other) Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Topic Sticky. Whats the procedure for reporting people anyway? Like, whats the bare minimum someone has to say to you before you can go report em? They dont even have 2 have a legit reason to report you.Ive had complaints filed against me just bc people got pissed that I beat em.One of em reported me for.

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Xbox: How do I report someone who is threatening me?

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so my account just got suspended after two years tenure with xbox and xbox live of being a proud gold member this hasnt once happened why did it happen? because a few people couldnt take me calling them out on battleborn for cowering in the back while i tried to do all the work then quitting when we finally started to. Aug 16, 2017. In July, developer Blizzard announced that players misusing the game would see increased penalties effective immediately, as long as the reports could be verified. No changes have been implemented yet in the reporting feature, but Blizzard wants those looking for justice to know its taking action. I generally find people on Xbox Live to be decent people, to the point that I can remember most of the negative experiences Ive had. My personal trick is if I want to curse someone out I mute my mic and do it. I dont get reported, I get to curse them out everyone wins.

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