About Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is humanity's most ancient healing practice and can be used as tool to work with physical, spiritual and mental illness and any matter of the "unseen world". In the language of the Tungus people (modern-day Tuva, in central Asia), the word shaman means "to know" or "to see in the dark" , and refers to the ability of the shaman to access spiritual and healing powers beyond the physical world. Shamans work with spiritual guides and teachers, both in this reality and non-ordinary reality. There are many forms of Shamanism as each Shaman's healing methodology is shaped by the culture and set of beliefs from which it stems. At Hatchi Mitsu Healing Arts, we offer both traditional Native American Shamanic healing as well as Honeybee Shamanic healings from the tradition of the Path of Pollen. We also offer shamanic blessing ceremonies (including weddings) and house and land clearings.


Native American Shamanic  Healings include working with instruments such as drums, rattles or river stones as well as vocal healing songs. Techniques include soul retrieval, extraction and power animal retrieval. We can also work with connecting the individual to their guides and Spiritual messages that are available to them. Shamanic healing works to repair the energy body and address underlying cause of illness while connecting an individual to their most alive and authentic realization of themselves.



A vein of Shamanism stemming from the tradition of the Path of Pollen, Honeybee Shamanism works with the honeybee as a close ally. Honeybee derived wisdom such as sound, movement, breath, and sacred flight are tools from the hive that will be called upon in these healings. Please see "Honeybee Medicine" for more details.