About Sansea

Using breath awareness and profound respect for the wonders of human anatomy, Sansea's classes encourage each participant to choose modifications and vary the degree of intensity. Sansea employs color and nature images as well as poetry, especially as they relate to the Chakras. Yin Yoga allows us to stay on the floor, to rest down into poses designed to relieve joints, improve flexibility, get juicier; this yoga practice is safe, luxurious, isn't aerobic. Sansea Sparling's 200- and 500-Hour Certifications are from Nosara Yoga Institute, after many years of practice with Deborah Felmeth.

Sansea also is certified isn Pranassage by Amba and Don Stapelton at Nosara. In an individual Pranassage, the client lies relaxed, passive, while the limbs are arranged into simple yoga postures; applied pressure, as one prefers, allows joints to become more flexible with greater mobility--your range of motion is greater than you think. Discover this while you enjoy the touch.

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