Rose is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher who has been reaping in the endless benefits of yoga for the past 6 years.  Rose took her first yoga class in 2009 after years of playing competitive sports (lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball).  She immediately realized the profound effect it had on her body as it quickly healed her chronic lower back pain. It wasn’t until years later, when she developed her pranayama and meditation practices, that she understood the mental benefits of yoga as well. For Rose, yoga planted the initial seed on her journey towards peace, freedom, and happiness. In her classes, Rose hopes to spread awareness of how yoga can be transformative both physically and mentally. Her asana practice incorporates her background in competitive sports with an emphasis on self-inquiry and self-appreciation.  Students in her class will be encouraged to go beyond their physical and mental comfort zones as they quiet their minds, accept their bodies, and open their hearts.