About Nikhil

Nikhil grew up playing under mango trees in the tropics and started his formal yoga training at age 11 at the Indira Gandhi Center for Indian Culture in Mauritius. He has since studied with Andrea Olsen in Middlebury College and did his teacher training at Yoga Center Amherst in Massachusetts. He began his study of ancient texts and the Sanskrit language while residing at the Chinmaya Vibhooti ashram in India. He seeks to blend western anatomy with the ancient wisdom of yoga and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Yoga Therapy.

Nikhil teaches that Yoga is a process of inquiry where we use breath to unite the body and mind. His classes – appropriate for all levels – are an opportunity to connect to the source of joy within. As we move through different postures, with integration and support we learn to fully inhabit our own body. His classes will challenge you, not with impossible postures but with presence and heightened awareness. To experience healing and joy in the practice of yoga, Nikhil emphasizes self-acceptance and compassion. This allows students to understand that they always have choice, they can always decide how much to push themselves and how deep to go.

Nikhil is not currently teaching any classes at 2 Wolves. Click here for our full schedule of classes and events.