Sustaining Membership FAQ


How it Works:
Sign up as a Year-Long Sustaining Member for just $36/month billed annually (totals $432/year), or pay $42/monthly (totals $504/year) when you sign up for auto-pay. Businesses may also join for their employees and may auto-pay $100/month ($1200 total) or prepay $80/month for the year ($960 total). 
By becoming a sustaining member, you'll help ensure that the studio covers operating costs and remains open. Then, be sure your show your teachers love by donating $ to your teacher as you attend class their classes. We suggest a $5-$10 donation per class for members and $10-15 for non-members that will be paid directly to your teacher at each class you attend. 


  • Q: What if I still have punches left on my class card?
  • A: We'll hold your membership for you to start just as soon as you're done with your card.
  • Q: When I'm a sustaining member, do I still have to pay for class?
  • A: Classes will be by suggested donation. $5-$10 is the suggested donation rate for Members. This money will go directly to teachers at the studio and is their only source of compensation for their offerings. If you're only coming to class once a week, $5 is a fair rate, but beyond 7 classes/month, we suggest upping your donation as you are able or see fit.
  • Q: How does this way of paying compare to the regular drop in rates or class cards?
  • A: After just 4 classes a month, you'll be paying less than the drop in rate when you pay upfront for the year at the rate of $36, or with the month-to-month payment of $42/mo, the break happens after 5 classes. Here's some math: 
    $36/mo +$5/class x 5 classes = $61 or $12.20/class (6 classes = $11/class, 7 classes = $10.14)
    $42/mo + $5/class x 6 classes = $12/class (7 classes= $11/class, 8 classes = $10.25/class..and so on)
  • Q: How does the "Suggested Donation" work?
  • A: Suggested donation enables you to be flexible with payment. For example, if you are unable to pay a teacher one day, you won't be turned away and you can catch up another day. Or, if you have a break through class or a private class and feel generous, you can reflect your gratitude to your teacher by paying him or her more than the suggested rate for class.
  • Q: There are more than one member in my family that take classes at the studio, do we all need to sign up for membership?
  • A: While we'd love if everyone signed up as a Sustaining Member, it is certainly not an obligation. If only one family member signs up as a Sustaining Member, we do suggest that donations to teachers reflect this. Ie. Mom signed up as a member and pays $5 when she comes to class, dad pays $10.
  • Q: I'm a business owner interested in being a Sustaining Member, how does that work?
  • A: Year Membership for Businesses is as follows: auto-pay $100/mo = $1200/year prepay $80/mo = $960. Then, your employees would pay a suggested donation of $5-10 per class they attend.
  • Q: Are there any "perks" to becoming a member?
  • A: Not only will you help save the studio, therefore becoming a local hero, but you'll also save money after just 4 classes a month. We're also working on some other offers such as complimentary private yoga sessions, yoga birthday parties, massages and more!
  • Q: I prefer not to use paypal, can I pay by check?
  • A: Yes, but we are requiring a 1-year commitment either by a one time payment of $432 ($36/mo) or by 12 post-dated checks for $42 ($504/year).
  • Q: Can I write this off in my taxes?
  • A: Not yet, but if all goes well this year, we will file for 501C3 status and you'll be able to write off your contribution next year!
  • Q: Where do I sign up?
  • A: You can sign up here (preferred): or in person at the studio by check(s) (see above).