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Yoga is a great way for kids to relax after school and it fosters a life-long practice of mindfulness. In yoga class, kids will develop flexibility, concentration and body awareness. The benefits of breathing and relaxation techniques extend far beyond the mat and will help them face different situations with confidence and ease. Kids Yoga classes blend traditional yoga poses with elements of play and exploration.

Little Yogis  allows the child to discover the yoga studio and their growing active community with the  comfort of a parent or caregiver present.  The class includes music, yoga games and creative movement to inspire play and support physical and emotional growth.

Drop-off Yoga for 3-5 yrs old is an opportunity for children to have time away from parent or caregiver while developing their yoga practice through play.  This class is filled with laughter, imagination, music, story telling and lots of CREATIVE asana (poses). 

After School Yoga for 6-12 yrs old is a time to unwind from school, homework and commitments.  Come stretch out the body, work out the worries and PLAY!

Laughter is encouraged as we learn yoga poses from the very basic, to the more challenging.  Classes will finish with a 10 minute savasana that allows the student to leave feeling relaxed and renewed.