About Kids' Martial Arts

In this fun and dynamic atmosphere, kids learn basics of Aikido. Learning Martial Arts helps children to develop body awareness, which serves as a great outlet to express their physicality in a healthy and disciplined manner.

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Through a variety of martial art games and controlled partner practice, children begin to understand the physical principles of Aikido. We develop the child’s ability to move fluidly from their center of gravity, to step out of the line of an attack, and to recognize the unbalanced nature of violence.

  • Physical Benefits: Gives your child the edge in all the physical activities that they will encounter during their lives. Aikido  are common denominators for movement in all sports. Conditioning, balance, timing, relaxation, visualization, kinesthetic awareness and fun are at the core of Aikido.
  • Emotional Benefits: One of the greatest problems in the modern world is learning to deal with stressful situations in calm, controlled, yet expressive ways. Practicing Aikido, over time, will give your child tools for resolving life’s daily conflicts.
  • Social Benefits: The sooner children learn that there are alternatives to fighting, both physically and verbally, the sooner they will experience real personal growth. Both the individual and our society benefit.

Classes are taught by Sensei Ryan Miller , email us for info on upcoming classes.

Drop in (first class, or prior students at 2 Wolves): $14/first child, $10 for each additional child in the family

Mandatory beginners fees: $100 [includes 6 weeks dues plus gi (Aikido uniform: $60 value), total value $144], 2nd child in family $80

Continuing students (must have gi and prior experience with Aikido): $75 for 6 weeks, 2nd child in family $60

(discounts for each additional child in the family)

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