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About Kelly

Kelly Hickey  has been a student of Hatha yoga since 1995. She is inspired by the many styles and philosophies of yoga and finds herself on what she believes to be a life long path of inquiry and reflection. Since 2004 she has enjoyed teaching both adults and children within Vermont. She has completed training in Radiant Child Yoga I & II, “Om Shree Om” Children’s Yoga Teacher Training withgifted teacher Christine McArdle-Oquendo, as well as 3 Levels of the Anusara Immersion Program. Working with children and families is where Kelly's heart feels fullest and her soul enriched.  She believes children are natural yogis and the joy they find on their mats transfers to great pleasure and care that reaches far into the world. 


Philosophy: Laughter is encouraged as we learn yoga poses from the very basic, to the more challenging.  Classes will finish with a 10 minute savasana that allows the student to leave feeling relaxed and renewed.