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Aug 22, 2004. (Superior-Termpapers, like most of the sites, features a disclaimer about plagiarism, stating that their papers are merely for research.) Superior-Termpapers is special because it offers the ever-tempting, but costly, custom-written book reports, an option that other sites stay away from. Customers can buy an. Jul 31, 2013. The notion that they promise to be 100 plagiarism free is complete and utter nonsense its pure luck. Think of it this way if you are ten days from hand-in and you buy a guaranteed first-class essay whats to say its going to be unique? Do you really think that even the best of writers will be able to write.

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a. Custom essay writing services an exploration and next steps for the UK higher education sector. Plagiarism in. Higher Education. QAAs role in preventing custom essay plagiarism. 12. Relevant UK expectations. broken down to see how many were the result of students submitting essays bought from custom essay.

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