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Oct 14, 2017 - 5 min - Uploaded by UnacademyApproach To Take in the Exam Hall for UPSC CSE watch here httpsyoutu.bee- e0aLI3C1Q. Oct 21, 2015. After accepting the unpredictable nature of essay evaluation by UPSC, how can we be sure about any strategy? We cant and in fact we arent. But then, we must try until we touch the right chords. Here we give you a strategy to write essays in the most structured, smooth and satisfactory way possible. Know about the important topics for IAS Main Exam 2017 Read which Essay topics were asked in UPSC Main Exam and which essay questions are being coming in latest Civil Services exam.. IAS Main (Written) 2014 Important Topics for Essay. Oct 13, 2014. This article contains important topics for IAS Main (Written). Essay writing forms an important part of many examinations conducted by UPSC. Civil Services Examination is no different. It is meant to be a subjective assessment of ones personality, ones reasoning and ones line of thinking.

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