About 2 Wolves Center

2 Wolves Center is a beauty-filled, inspired community healing space that supports diverse paths to wellness. We host movement classes such as Yoga, dance and Martial Arts as well as offer an array of holistic treatments such as Massage and Acupressure. The spirit of 2 Wolves is one of vision, playful collaboration, and commitment to physical and spiritual evolution. Our broad selection of holistic healing treatments and classes serve to integrate all aspects of mind, body and spirit. We work in close partnership with practitioners and teachers, to create an environment where all can thrive. 2 Wolves Center invites you to join us in the spirit of cooperation and commitment to healthful balance.

2 WOLVES has moved TO THE FARM!! Learn more about our new location here: Goldenwellfarm.com and Sign up to our email list to stay updated!

Why 2 Wolves?

By honoring the wilderness of each soul’s expression, Wolf Spirit uses play, ritual, fierce loyalty and guardianship to weave together dreams of each individual’s unique vision in order to synthesize co-creative community. 

2 Wolves was founded by Nicole Burke and Ryan Miller. Along with many other similarities and shared visions, the pair’s most unique synchronicity of their meeting is what brings 2 Wolves Center its name. Both Ryan and Nicole had Wolf dogs since before they met. Ryan’s black, Nicole’s white. In true Wolf fashion, the pair has followed their instincts and moved quickly into walking together with focus, discipline and harmony to create 2 Wolves Center.

With the Spirit of the Wolf guiding us, at 2 Wolves Center, we are devoted to a shared vision of gathering community to walk a path of commitment to health of mind, body, and untamed spirit.

Read more about Wolf Spirit: http://onewhitehorsestanding.com/wolf_spirit.htm

In loving memory and honor of our dear friends, teachers and guides Faelan and Wolfie....


2 Wolves Holistic Center is CURRENTLY OFFERING CLASSES IN AikidoBreath & MovementCommunity Meditation Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement®Kids' Martial ArtsSystema, Yoga and more. We're also offering Massage and Acupressure...check our OFFERINGS page for more info