About Ginger

Ginger Lambert is a triathlete who is passionate about sharing her love of fitness with others. She has competed in over 116 races that include 5k’s, half-marathons, marathons, and triathlons. A lifelong student of nutrition and healthy eating, Lambert shares her knowledge through her personal training business. Helping others to acheive their goals, she advises the practice of moderation and believes it help clients who want to maintain a balance between food and exercise. Lambert received her BS in Exercise Science from Castleton State College in 2014. She took her first boot camp class while attending Castleton and fell in love with the style of workout. 

Lambert resides in Middlebury and loves to explore the surrounding areas, through hiking, x-skiing, biking, and car trips. Her daughter lives nearby and is a recent convert to road races. Together last fall they competed in the Sudbury 5K race, a fundraiser for the Sudbury Country School in Sudbury, VT. It was her daughter’s second race and Ms. Lambert hopes that racing together will become a family tradition.Lambert teaches boot camp classes in Middlebury, New Haven, Vergennes, Bristol, Cornwall, and Charlotte. She will take the boot camp classes outdoor in the spring/summer and hopes to add an Extreme Boot Camp class this year for anyone interested in training for an adventure race or who just want to take their fitness up a notch.