Online Summer Giveaway! So Many Gifts!!

(Check out the event on our Facebook page, too, and share with others!)

Dear 2 Wolves Community,

This summer at 2 Wolves, we want to give as much to you as you have given to us, and we're starting with this fun and simple Summer Giveaway!

FIRST GIFT winner will receive an UNLIMITED class card for the month of July.*
SECOND GIFT winner will receive 2 FREE classes, to be enjoyed by August 31.
THIRD GIFT winner will receive $15 OFF the treatment of your choice, to be redeemed by August 31.

It is so easy to enter for a chance to win these amazing gifts, just follow the three steps below BEFORE NOON on JUNE 30:

Step 1: "Like" us on Facebook OR Follow us on Twitter ( Bonus points if you do both.** Already Like and Follow us? Great! Continue on to Step 2...

Step 2: Write us a review on YogaTrail by clicking here and clicking on the "Write a Review" button on the right hand side of the screen. You can submit your review with a Facebook account if you don't want to sign up! And not to worry if you enjoy our many non-yoga class offerings, you can still write us a review on YogaTrail! Alternately, write us a review on Yelp ( or TripAdvisor ( Choices!

Step 3: To enter your name into our drawing, send us an email at or a Facebook message with "2 Wolves Summer Giveaway" in the subject line or the body of the message. Include your full name and your email address and a link to your review in the body of the message as well, and that's ALL!***

Please feel free to let your friends know about our giveaway so they can enter, too. Again, you have until 12:00pm on June 30th to enter!

We look forward to growing, playing and giving with you this summer!!

*Any remaining classes on a punch card will be held for you until after the unlimited card runs out.
**Bonus points cannot be redeemed for any physical rewards.
***We will not share your information with anyone. Please indicate if you do not wish to be added to our email list to receive our twice-monthly newsletter.