Dark Moon in Pisces: March 10th Women's Moonlodge

March 10th: Sunday
5:00-8:00PM: Women's Moonlodge PLUS Bellydance
w/ Sila Rood, Nicole Burke & Alyson Young

Womoon, sistars of all ages...
Join us in the Dark of the Moon for Women's Moonlodge which, as it did last month, will commence with the exploration of Sacred Movement through Bellydance.
This month's Moonlodge will be combined with Sila Rood's Sunday evening Bellydance class.

Join us in this evening of exploration of feminine expression as we invite the Spirit of ancient Sisterhood to dance through us. We'll explore the connection of movement and breath to the power and freedom of embodying the Divine Feminine.

During Moonlodge, we'll work with the watery energy of Pisces. Pisces invites us to dig deep, to look at our karma and the karma of our ancestry. Things that were once hidden will be lifted to the surface this New Moon and it's a powerful time to expose ourselves to our own "stuff" to take a really close look and clear ourselves for the new astrological year birthing ahead when we move into Aries. We'll work with the powers of water, self reflection and clearing our personal karma. We'll find a new level of commitment to polishing our Spirit and stepping into this new cycle with a clean slate.

Bellydance: 5pm-6:30pm, 
Ceremony: 6:30pm-8pm.

*If you are only able to make it to a portion of the evening, please let us know in advance. In general, RSVP is always helpful, but not necessary.

Dark Moon Moonlodges are held monthly at 2 Wolves in conjunction with Full Moon gatherings and teachings of the 13 Original Clan Mothers as led by Alyson Young at Windancer Studio of Middlebury.
Info on Full Moon Gatherings: alyson@windancervt.com

More info on this month's Dark Moon gathering or to RSVP: nicole@hatchimitsuhealingarts.com
Or join our facebook page: Moonlodge Vermont

Offerings: $14 drop in for Bellydance only, $8 for Moonlodge, $20 for both