Intro to Systema for Professionals: March 24th, 12pm-4pm

This introduction to Systema (Russian Martial Arts) will be geared specifically for professional Law Enforcement Agents, EMT's, First Responders, Firefighters, Military, and any other individuals that serve the public under high stress situations.  In this course you can expect to cover concepts and exercises that will help improve performance in theses areas: Sustained functionality, Stress reduction, Recovery, and Health. Also, hand to hand tactics will be covered as well as some weapons work.  We will analyze previously known restraint tactics and look to see how Systema principles can greatly improve effectiveness while reducing risk of injury to both parties.  There will be an open question and answer period to cover any other areas of interest.  

The main objective of this seminar is to show new materials that will help improve the overall health of the individual, as well as bring greater effectiveness and efficiency to such individual's knowledge base in hand to hand combat and restraint tactic skills.  Depending on questions; other area's may be briefly covered, such as weapons retention and employment, team work for restraining, and some bodyguard tactics. 

Please bring any and all equipment used in line of work.  However, please replace firearms knives, and tazers with practice dummies. 

Cost:  $35 (Discounted for professionals) Sign up on "Series/Sign up" page