Womoon's Monthly Moonlodge: January 11th 6:30pm

Sistars, womoon of all ages...
I invite you to join us in sacred circle this coming Dark Moon.
Let's bring warmth and community to the new 2 Wolves Holistic Center opening in Vergennes.

It is the start of a new year, a new era. We invite you to join us in weaving our circle of womoon, of support and nurturance, of thriving community.

The dark moon is the time of the month when the cosmic grounds are most fertile for planting seeds of intention. We will join in circle, in prayer, in song, to plant and witness each other set intentions for the coming cycle.


Please wear something red, bring something small to charge on the alter, snacks and tea to share are always welcomed.

$8 donation greatly appreciated.

email nicole@hatchimitsuhealingarts.com for more info.

See you in the Dark of the Moon! 

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