Elyse Cosentino

“I was first turned onto yoga at my local climbing gym, where I strove to find length, balance, and strength to take to the wall. My practice slowly began to evolve when I realized life requires a similar kind of balance.” 

Looking for any excuse to travel, Elyse completed her 200 hr interdisciplinary teacher training with the Nosara Yoga Institute of Costa Rica. Elyse chose Nosara as an opportunity to develop her own practice and teaching style, with influence from vinyasa, ashtanga, kripalu, rope wall, and self awakening yoga. Prior to her training, Elyse interned with Yoga Nadi in Queenztown, New Zealand under the mentorship of yogi, acupuncturist, and natural healer Greg Dorn. Elyse has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Wellness, and draws on her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Elyse finds peace and contentment in creating a safe and playful space for those to explore different postures with awareness and ease, leaving class feeling a little lighter.

Elyse currently lives in Vermont where she coaches a girls freeride ski team. She believes skiing is a lifestyle, and as an outdoor enthusiast, practices yoga on and off the mat. 

Elyse is not currently teaching a regular class at 2 Wolves, but stay tuned for upcoming workshops with her.