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This webpagehtml pagewebsite page contains explanatory content related and pertaining to Plastic Laminate Solutions, Manufacturers of Poly Coated Plastic Cups, Customized Plastic Laminate Providers, Exporters of Poly Coated Plastic Cups, Plastic Laminates, Flexible Packaging For Pharma, Customized Plastic. Apr 18, 2016. A paper cup is a disposable cup used to hold hot drinks in place of an actual ceramic or glass cup. The cup is typically made of paper lined with either plastic or wax. The wax or plastic lining helps prevent liquids from soaking into the paper, causing leaks. Some cups come with a plastic or foil lid to preserve. Rainbow Cups paper cups with your print from 1000 pieces! Disposable coffee cups with your own logo is a great advertisement for your business.

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