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Need fast turnaround services for your paper and envelopes? Add custom paper cutting, perforating, scoring or hole punching to just about any paper or envelope. Simple online design or send us you artwork. Red River Paper will custom cut any paper we offer to the size you need from existing stocked sizes. We do not offer custom roll cutting. After we take your order client services will email or fax a confirmation of the custom size. Advantage Converting offers custom, continuous die cutting for fast, economical, and environmentally friendly production. Send us your most complex die. chads from finished parts. Our rotary die services include Kiss Cut, Island Placement, Multi-Station Die Cutting, Single Color Printing, Perforations, Scores, and Slitting. Its kind of like using a cookie cutter to cut an infinite number of shapes from freshly prepared dough, but with paper. We put painstaking care into our custom die cutting services and custom perforation.

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Shim Stock Sponge Paper Pressure Sensitive Materials Cellular Fiber Rubberized Cork. Cutting Thickness (Metals).005 to.375 in. Cutting Width (Metals) Up to 48 in. Cutting Length (Metals) Up to 48 in. Cutting Height (Metals) Up to 12 in. Cutting Width (Non Metallic) Up to 46 in. Cutting Length (Non Metallic) Up to 64 in. We die-cut and laser cut VHB tapes, films, foils, abrasives and custom laminates into your desired shape or product to tight tolerances. We die-cut micro pieces from.020 x.020 to large format 80 x 80 industrial gaskets on our 500 ton press. We can laminate, slit and die-cut all in-line for efficient manufacturing and fast turn. This service offers you a variety of applications for our papers. How to receive a quote order custom Laser Cutting Please fill out the Custom Laser Form with the details of your custom cut.

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