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Jul 14, 2016. Effective websites are usable websites. The ease of use and efficiency with which your website communicates with readers will make or break your online venture. If your web content is inaccessible, hard to read, or difficult to navigate, your visitors will quickly bounce. Sep 12, 2011. Writing content for web users has its challenges. Chief among them is the ease with which your content is read and understood by your visitors (i.e. its readability). When your content is highly readable, your audience is able to quickly digest the information you share with them a worthy goal to have for.

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Jan 18, 2013. How does your website content look on an iPhone or Android device? If users have to pinch, scroll excessively, or strain their eyes to get the message, it is time to adapt your web content for mobile viewing. Problem Opening a desktop site on mobile is a painful experience. via GIPHY. We cant ignore our. Jan 30, 2017. Writing copy for the web cant be a second-thought, left-to-chance job for the higher education marketerthe online world is native to your audience. So today Im sharing five copywriting principles for the web that the greatest marketers use to keep their audience engaged. Implementing these five web.

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