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IRON Search - Massey Ferguson Combine 9560 Farm Machinery - Tractors - Agricultural Equipment for Sale - By Dealers Owners. Looking to buy a Massey Ferguson 9560 in Humboldt? Visit, Canadas largest selection for new used Massey Ferguson 9560. MF Massey Ferguson AXLE ( Used ). N1751 Co Rd M, La Crosse WI (888) 567-3746. Massey Ferguson combine axle. Stock 007639. Class Fall Harvest Kit-(add-on accessories). Rear axle for Massey Ferguson combines. Fits to 9520, 9530, 9540, 9560, 9695 and 9895 series combines. Our Price 2,500. Make an Offer. Find Massey Ferguson 9790, 9795, 9690, 8780, 8570, 9540, 9895, 750, 9560, and 9695 and other combines for sale on Machinio.

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