Best Practices In Writing

Highly practical and accessible, this indispensable book provides clear-cut strategies for improving K-12 writing instruction. The book also offers best-practice guidelines for designing an effective writing program.

Best Practices for Incorporating Research in Writing

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How Writing Program Best Practices Have Transformed Carleton College. By Carol Rutz and Nathan D. Grawe. Carleton College, a small private coed liberal arts college of 2,000 students in Northfield, Minnesota, has been closely associated with the beginning of what is now called writing across the curriculum (WAC). Guidelines, tips, and hints for writing more effective web content. This is a wide-ranging article, but we hope it will help whether you are writing for a web page, email newsletter, action alert or anything else that will primarily be read online. This article will detail the fifteen most important best practices when writing readable code. 1 - Commenting Documentation. IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) have come a long way in the past few years.

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