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Home of the online training course Transcript Proofreading Theory and Practice. Learn how to proofread transcripts for court reporters from home. What are the online courses for Editing? How do proofreading businesses proofread for clients online?. Where do I learn to edit and proofread? Does proofreading include editing? How can I find a good proofreader for my books? Convenient Online Courses. 69 chose the Editing sequence because the online format lets them fit classes into their schedules. ValidatedPublished Aug. 31, 2017 TVIF A70-75B-335. This proofreading course will hone proofreading techniques to ensure error-free business writing.

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Lesson 1 Video Review 3 Articles Definition of Copyediting Definition of Proofreading Pronunciation website Take Survey Course Background Information Survey Take. Platinum Yearly. Best Value. ALL COURSES Certificates CEUs. 189. per year. You save 50!. Start Now. Billed once. Includes all 500 courses.

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