April Lajeunesse Osborne, is the owner and creator of Lovelace; a healing and journeying practice that explores the magical realms of Japanese bodywork, essentials oils, sound healing, as well as, global/universal prayer and visualization. The term Lovelace was created as the term that best illustrated the founding and visionary principals of the practice: broken down, "Love" is defined as "to be one in Spirit," while "lace" is defined as the "interwoven web of divine essence."

Lovelace, is a web of intention; "to be and to become one in Spirit by way of our interwoven web of divine essence," refers to the belief that we are all connected energetically and spiritually. As well, the unveiling of our own magic within our personal journey of spiritual evolution and understanding; creates atmosphere for the web of unity and love to expand. In turn, this initiates the manifestation of grace and joy in our own beings and as a part of the universal divine essence.

 April's professional healing education and training includes Masters level study in Chinese medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu; as well as, a license in Massage therapy, certification in Essential oils and Pilates. 

Offerings: Japanese bodywork (combination of Ohashiatsu and 5 Element), Essential Oils, Sound Healing and Acutonics, Global Prayer/Visualization/Meditation, Community/Women's Gatherings 

Please email to schedule an appointment.