About Andreas Landolt-Hoene

Andreas Landolt-Hoene began his study and practice of martial arts at the age of 9 with sincere appreciation and enthusiasm. He was introduced to Tung Tai ChiChuan in 2009 by his first teacher, Madeleine Piat-Landolt, with whom he continues to develop his skill and understanding of this profound art along with Master Tung Kai Ying, his son Master Tung Chen Wei, and Christopher Kiely. Andreas is a graduate of the University of Vermont (2008), and when he’s not practicing TaiChi is a part-time videographer and cooks fine meals at Pauline’s Café in South Burlington.

Andreas is offering an 8 week Beginner's Tai Chi Series Saturday mornings, starting April 20th. Sign up on our "Series & Workshops" page.