About Alyson:

Alyson has been involved in dance and movement since she was a toddler.  She has enjoyed a life-long love of dance and appreciation for the joy and wellness that is experienced through movement.  Alyson studied Wildlife Biology and Social Sciences (including psychology and child development) in college, with the intention to devote her life to helping both people and animals.  In 2006, Alyson became certified as a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher.  At this time, she also began to study (formally) Animal Communication and Shamanism, and started a healing practice called, Windancer Healing Arts, offering energetic healing for people and animals.  In 2009, Alyson continued her studies in energetic healing and became a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner through the Vermont Center for Energy Medicine. Recognizing the integral importance of movement as a means for healing, as well as a way to nurture her soul, Alyson began to investigate Nia as a movement practice.  Nia provides a means for creating a joyful practice through which healing and wellness are added bonuses!  In January of 2011, Alyson became a Certified and Licensed Nia Instructor and has very much enjoyed the opportunity to share this practice with both adults and children alike. For more information about Alyson’s healing practice, visit