About Abbi Jaffe

Abbi embodies authenticity and playfulness and dances contact improvisation as often as possible. Abbi has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and is often asked to teach acro yoga, embodiment and contact improv throughout New England.  Abbi is passionate about sharing yoga, acro yoga, partner yoga, CircusYoga, contact improv dance and authentic movement. Abbi has been creating emotionally and physically safe spaces for exploration and expansion since her days of leading Outward Bound wilderness trips over 10 years ago.  

Abbi weaves movement community in Vermont and holds space for the Montpelier Contact Improv Community and the annual Burlington International Contact Jam.  She co-leads wilderness trips with her company Ready Adventures.  After 5 years of practicing Thai Massage, Abbi now studies Body-Mind Centering and Authentic Movement and shares her own Centering Bodywork.  Abbi would love to welcome you to her community retreat space in Underhill called Dharma Door.  

Learn more about booking a session with Abbi here.

Abbi's commitment to you as a teacher is to always be deepening her own somatic practices and to bring new insights back to class.  Her deepest desire is for you to find what feels good in your body and to give yourself permission to dwell in that sensation for longer periods of time.  Her hope is that through practicing yoga or other embodiment practices that you will learn how to inhabit your body with more ease, release tension as it is created, and discover more playfulness. 

Abbi wonders what it means to be an embodiment activist (to move authentically and inspire others to follow their own body's curiosity and impulses).  Abbi creates videos that highlight her journey being present in her body in public spaces.  Here is a video of Abbi dancing at a rest stop in North Conway, NH, and here is a video of her dancing in the Burlington VT airport.  


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